"From the farmhouse to the table ... for over thirty years"

Zio Peppe

How “Zio Peppe” born

At a short distance from Alberobello there is “Zio Peppe”, a farmhouse that today continues to keep strong history and tradition of Apulian farm life.

Extended for about twelve hectares of cultivated fields, it includes a farmhouse, stalls, farming warehouses, a restaurant and some places for manufacturing and sale of dairy and butcher’s products.

The business was started in the second half of 1900. Its initial aim was that of satisfying only the needs of Santino and his wife, Donna Vita, as well as the whole family, fully involved in the management of the production activities, according to the best tradition of that period.

Initially, they had modest cereal and forage productions, milk productions and cattle, pork, rabbit and chicken farming. Soon, while Santino was deciding to join the management of his small business to his work as dairyman for third party, his son Giuseppe, after finished his studies, started to work for several companies and he started his career as butcher.

Giuseppe became so skilled that in 2006 he received the management of the Farm “Zio Peppe”, founded by his father who, meantime, had retired. So, the “agri-buthers’ shop” was started, one of the early realities based on a concept that was becoming the identity of “Zio Peppe”: commercializing his own natural and healthy products directly in his farm.
One of the first examples of the so-called “short supply chain” and at “0 km”.

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